Regarding the Transfer of Our Imaging Business

Regarding the Transfer of Our Imaging Business

A statement regarding our recent announcement and answers to your questions.

A statement regarding our recent announcement and answers to your questions.

On September 30, 2020, Olympus signed a Definitive Agreement with Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. (JIP) regarding the transfer of the Olympus Imaging business.

Under the agreement, Olympus will transfer 95% of the shares of a new imaging company to JIP on January 1, 2021. Our new company name, OM Digital Solutions Corporation, will honor the inspiring legacy of Yoshihisa Maitani and Olympus Maitani cameras.

The agreement includes all R&D and manufacturing facilities currently dedicated to the Imaging business. This will ensure that OM Digital Solutions will continue to provide high-quality products and cutting-edge innovations to our customers.

Please find our most recent statement about the transfer here.

We understand you may have many questions, some of which we have answered below. We are sincerely grateful for your loyalty and support of our products, and for your passion for photography. As we move towards our new future, we're excited to continue our initiatives for photographers and will launch all new products as planned.

Are you going to stop producing cameras?

It is the intention that our organization will continue to sell and support cameras and lenses. Although specific market plans are still under consideration, we plan to continue our business in the Americas.

Will the Olympus brand name continue to be used?

While our official company name will be OM Digital Solutions, you can expect the Olympus brand name to stick around for the foreseeable future. Olympus branded products will continue to be available even after January 1, 2021.

Will the new lenses announced as under development for sales in 2020 still be introduced?

There are no plans to change our product launch plans within 2020. Products that have been announced as under development will be introduced to the market as planned. You can find the most up to date information on product launches by visiting:

Will there be a future replacement for my Olympus product?

We are not able to comment on future product development at this time. For the most up to date information on Olympus products in the Americas, please visit:

Will you still do business with my preferred retailer?

Olympus has no current plans to change our Authorized Retail partners at this time. Please find a nearby Olympus retailer by visiting in the US or in Canada.

I have a question about my product. Who can I speak to?

Our Technical Support team is available to answer your product questions! You can see our hours of operation and contact methods by visiting:

Additionally, you can find support information for all of our products online by visiting:

Will you continue to hold events at my preferred retailer?

The most up to date information regarding local events can be found by visiting us online at:

I have a comment/question/concern. Who can I address it to?

We welcome your feedback via our convenient online portal. Please visit us online at:

I placed an order on GetOlympus. Will I still receive it?

Yes. We will continue business as usual. You can check the status of your order by visiting:

I placed an order with an Olympus Authorized Retailer. Will I still receive it?

We will continue business as usual. Please confirm your order details directly with the retailer.

I need to have my product serviced. What should I do?

Olympus’ Authorized Service Centers are currently conducting business as usual. You can schedule your service by visiting: in the US or in Canada.

What is the future of service in my country?

Olympus' Authorized Service Centers will continue business as usual during the transfer process.

Are there any plans to change the warranty coverage due to the transfer?

All service offerings such as repairs and warranty claims will be honored for Olympus-branded products both during a transfer and after a transfer. Customers currently making purchase decisions should feel confident that their products will continue to be supported in the future.